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Technical support

Technical support is available as annual subscription.
Annual maintenance
Annual maintenance includes 1 year software updates and unlimited technical support by email. Some of the products include also technical support by phone or remote session *. 
Annual maintenance for the first year is included with the initial purchase of the software.
If you would like to continue to receive updates and technical support after the 1st year you can renew your annual maintenance. Annual maintenance should be renewed not later than the expiration date of the previous annual maintenance subscription. Renewal price for non expired annual maintenance subscription is 30% of the purchase price for the same configuration at the time of the renewal. Renewal price for annual maintenance subscription expired less than 6 months before the renewal date is 75% of the purchase price for the same configuration at the time of the renewal.  
Annual maintenance is optional. You can continue using the software without it.

* Technical support by phone or remote session
The annual subscription for the following products includes technical support by phone or remote session. These are not hard limitations and we do not enforce them strictly. However, please do not expect that every time you have a question we are going to set an online meeting or a phone call. Technical support is mainly by e-mail.

included phone or

remote session hours

R-Tag Crystal Reports Scheduler up to 1h 
R-Tag Report Scheduler Proup to 2h 
R-Tag Crystal Reports Documentation and Searchup to 2h
R-Tag Crystal Reports Version Control up to 3h 
R-Tag Crystal reports bundle up to 3h 
R-Tag Dashboard bundle up to 3h 
R-Tag Enterprise solution up to 5h