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 4/1/2018 Version 17.0 released

R-Tag Viewer and Scheduler
 - Added support for Active Directory. You can add Active Directory groups to R-Tag roles and use Active directory users instead of creating R-Tag users

 - Added support for email Distribution groups. Define groups of users, emails and Active directory groups and use them to send emails. For example create a distribution group Senior Management and set multiple scheduled jobs to send emails to this group. When a new manager is added to the team just add the contact info to the 
Senior Management  distribution group and the manager will start receiving all important reports

 - Added export to E-book (extension EPUB) and Open Document Format (extension ODT)

 - Added "watch folder". When a password protected file with report / job settings and parameters is saved in this folder R-Tag scheduler will use the data and run the report / job. This is useful when it is necessary to run reports from custom applications. This is added as an alternative of using command prompt parameters. The command prompt approach has security issues since it is easy to tamper and to run reports without permissions. It also may cause memory and concurency issues since for each report the custom application will start a separate copy of the reporting software. 

 - New Query editor to allow creating queries for Advanced dashboards using visual interface

 - Added central connection management and connection types. Now it is possible to save and reuse partial connection. 

- Improved scheduler service using the calendar interface. Better support for multi-threading

 - Scheduler filter to show/hide task fore some jobs

 - New scheduler service for short period tasks to avoid flooding the calendar with per second and per minute tasks

 - New export options for PDF files allowing to set document and signature properties

 - New export options for Excel files allowing to set columns auto fit, max size, page size, header, footer, document security, insert data inside a template etc

R-Tag Documentation and Search

 - Added a new task type for R-Tag Scheduler to automate refreshing reports' metadata. 

 - Generate reports SQL even without access to the report database  

 - New formatting options for reports' and subreports' SQLs 

 - New formatting options for reports' formulas

R-Tag Version Control
- New engine to compare reports versions approx 100 times faster than the previous one. A sample comparisson , which was taking 4 seconds with the old engine took 28 miliseconds with the new engine.  

- Find report similarities. Thanks to the new faster compare engine it is possible to run comparisson for similarities. You can find all reports in a folder and the percentage of similarity to a current report in just few secconds

10/20/2017 Version 17.0 Beta released
- Stay tuned 

6/21/2017 Version 16.1 released
 - Bug fixes
 - Changes in R-Tag Version control and R-Tag Documentation and Search to improve Search performance
 - Removing all dependencies to external applications (Git, SVN etc.) No need to install and configure external repositories
 - Release of new website:
 4/17/2017 Version 16.0 released

- Performance updates for export to Excel and scheduled tasks processing

- Adding multiple login options for Crystal reports server and BOE

- Bug fixes

- Applying changes to R-Tag Crystal reports assemblies to allow R-Tag to work on a terminal server without Crystal reports license


 9/14/2016 Version 15.0 released

- Scheduler service detects dependencies by other services and waits until they are started on computer restart . In case of database connection drop the service will check continuously for connection and will try to refresh the data as soon as connection is restored. Email will be send in case of connection or issue at service start.


- Catalog. New system to assign additional information to reports: tasks, owners, statuses, tags, description , summary

   1. Ticketing system. Create tasks, assign them to reports and developers, set start date, estimate and due date

       Allows developers to save time spent on each tasks, set task status, add notes, emails and documents to internal document management an associate them with the task. This system is linked to R-Tag Version Control for Crystal Reports and allows to link development tasks with internal report changes

  2. Report tags system. Create your own tags and assign them to reports , search and filter reports by tags

- Advanced settings for PDF and Excel files. New option for custom file extension

- New dynamic values dropdown. Blue dot marker is replaced with a regular button. This resolves the problem with occasional hanging on slow systems. Dropdown is resizable


- Relative dates support first day, last day, days from the beginning, days before the end

- Support for quarters in relative dates. Here is how to set 3 days before the end of the previous quarter


- Added Report description tooltip allowing to show quickly additional information.


 3/06/2016 Version 14.3 released

- Added export to Excel 2007 with formatting and optional gridlines for Crystal reports.

- Added export to Word 2007 for Crystal reports.

- Added option to refresh Crystal reports in Version control without checking out the whole folder. R-Tag will check the local version and will compare it with the database version to find if the file was changed without checking out first. Then you will be able to import the new files and they will be imported to the Version control as new versions giving you the option to compare and find the differences with older versions. This option is useful when synchronizing files changed by developers outside the company or when it is necessary to manage Crystal reports updated by vendors.


- Added options for advanced settings when running reports from external applications and BAT files. You can provide encrypted connection, default values etc. 

- Added additional export options for SSRS reports. Now it is possible to export to Excel 2007, Word 2007, CSV and XML with data

- Added options to retrieve dynamic parameters' values directly from reports. This option will cause the report to load when selected.


 10/26/2015 Version 14.1 released

- Added buttons to control tree nodes state. Changed the way how Refresh button works. It preserves the nodes states now.


Bug fixes

 - Fixed a bug, with button data not showing documentation for reports imported in Documentation and Search.



 10/26/2015 Version 14.0 Beta released

- Added user account and workstation management.  This makes possible to transfer R-Tag license from one computer to another.


- Added the ability to add attachments to Crystal version control notes. This allows to attach emails, requests , external documentation and samples to each version note. Video demonstrating this feature is available here.

Attachments will be added to the internal Document management.



- Added the ability to open Excel, PDF, Word, HTM and Text files using R-Tag as a viewer. This might be useful on servers where MSOffice is not installed. 


 07/03/2015 Version 12.5 released

Updated user interface to simplify creation of jobs and scheduled tasks.

  - Added the option to schedule report directly , without creating a job first

  - When adding new report to the job, the job  step name will be set automatically from the report name

  - When adding a new scheduler task the Subject will be set automatically from the Job or Report name

  - Added the option to schedule Report or Job directly from the Report/Job tree



 06/15/2015 Released new video How to use R-Tag with SAP BOE

This video shows how to use SAP BOE reports in R-Tag. R-Tag will allow you to use default values for parameters, dynamic file names, export to multiple Excel tabs, advanced Excel tables and pivoting, Dynamic Dashboards and Version Control. 


 05/01/2015 Version 12 released

- SAP BOE reports were added to report Search and Version Control. You can track changes in reports now and you can search them for tables, expressions etc . It is also possible to add SAP BOE reports to jobs to take advantage of advanced R-Tag features like dynamic export file names, export to multiple worksheets in Excel, extend reports with Dynamic Dashboards, combine multiple reports in one excel file with multiple worksheets or a PDF file etc.


 02/15/2015 Version 11 released

- Added ability to run SAP BOE reports


 10/15/2014 Version 10.1 released

- Added "Action Before" for reports and jobs. This feature allows to run some SQL or code commands before to run the report or the job. You can use it to prepare some data and to run the report(s) against it or you can clean existing files before to generate them again. This action will resolve the issue with jobs which are running a report multiple times and export each copy to a new worksheet in the same excel file. Export to multiple worksheets was available since version 5, but because each report was adding a new worksheet to an existing excel file the file was growing until deleted manually. Another option was to create a workflow and delete the file before to run step 1 of the job, but this was pretty complicate. Creating a command to delete the excel file in "Actions Before" is simple and will allow you to delete the file before start the job.


- Added the possibility to use jobs' and reports' parameters and data row values when creating file names, folders, emails etc. in jobs.


Bug fixes

 - Fixed a bug, which was preventing a newer version of a C# function to be executed without restarting the program. 


 09/05/2014 Version 10.0 released - R-Tag Crystal Search

- Released R-Tag Report Manager with ability to document and search crystal reports. More information is available from this link: R-Tag Search. Document and search features are available as a feature in R-Tag Crystal Viewer, R-Tag Pro Viewer and also as part of the new Crystal Reports Documentation and Version Control module. In addition of searching Crystal Reports, Documentation and Version Control module allows also to keep versions of the reports, restore old versions and compare differences. Details are available on this page: Version Control

A document explaining the new feature is available from this link: R-Tag Documentation and Search for Crystal Reports

The new features require a new permissions to be added to the roles and to add additional icons for the reports with available metadata. 


Sample screenshot of the documentation screen for Chart report available in SAP Sample reports zip file. 

There is an improved search allowing to find tables, formulas text objects, SQL expressions etc.

You can also search by object name, for example find all picture boxes containing the string "logo" in the name ( as it is shown in the left screenshot bellow)

Another search example is to search by property. The screenshot above (on right) shows how to search for PaperSource. Search by property will generate a result like the one bellow

Since this is presented as a Advanced Dashboard report, It can be exported to Excel, PDF etc, or filtered internally to show just report satisfying complex crierias. For example : show me the list of reports , which name contains "market" and PaperSource value is "auto"  

Bug fixes: 

 - Fixed bug in Dashboards not allowing to load some layouts. 



08/05/2014 Version 10.0 Beta released - Crystal Reports Documentation and Version Control 

- Released R-Tag Report Manager with Crystal Reports Documentation and Version Control. This module allows you to generate documentation for a whole folder of reports, manage the development by checking out/in reports to one developer and keep track of the changes between the versions. You can find more information and demo videos here: Version Control


Bug fixes:

 - Fixed bug with not working job option "Do not process the step if report is empty". 


6/23/2014 Version 9.4 released

- Added button "Email" to the Excel, Word and PDF internal viewers. This button allows quickly to send the current file as an attachment using the default email client   


Bug fixes: 

 - Fixed bug with bad ZIP file when option "compress" is selected for export to local network file 

 - Fixed bug for job reports exported to a zipped PDF or excel file and the result file was failing because it was not able to combine the ZIP files 

 - Fixed bug related to "Delete at the end" option. In some cases the exported file was deleted before the email task and if it was used as an attachment the email was failing.

5/14/2014 Version 9.3 released

- Released R-Tag Report Manager with preview version of Crystal Reports Documentation and Version Control. This module allows you to generate documentation for a whole folder of reports, manage the development by checking out/in reports to one developer and keep track of the changes between the versions.   You can find more information and demo videos here: Version Control


- Added a new ribbon button to use internal viewers when the report is exported to Excel, Word or PDF (list of supported files: XLS, XLSX, CSV, DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, PDF, TAB separated, HTML). Added buttons to internal viewers to reopen the currently open file with the default application.


4/30/2014 Version 9.2 released

 - Added functionality to add multiple reports to the system and convert them to use new database connections. The result might be saved and the reports might be used by other applications , which are not able to switch connections on the fly. This feature is similar to what CR Data Source is doing but it is able to handle multiple connections per report. As of now the feature is not available for local database.


4/14/2014 Version 9.1 released

Bug fixes: 

 - Fixed bug when setting multiple connections for one report and the connection type is changed on the fly. For example when the connection is changed from ODBC to OLEDB and there is another connection to an excel file the reports were failing. This fix allows to switch on the fly to OLE DB and avoid creating ODBC DSNs on each machine in the network 


3/23/2014 Version 9.0 released

- Added changes to implement registration for R-Tag Community Edition

- Changed the way how R-Tag scheduler is loading the user credentials. Previous versions were using currently logged user in Windows. Current version is using currently logged user in R-Tag.


Bug fixes: 

 - Missing images in excel files. When the file is produced by exporting multiple reports.

 - Some excel files were not combined correctly ( color gamma was corrupted)

 - Jobs with empty reports were not processed. There is a flag to not process the job (send e-mails etc.)  if the report is empty. The job was not processed no matter what was selected .

 - There are some fixes in multithreading to avoid file locks when multiple reports/jobs are working simultaneously

 - PDF viewer. It was not able to open some PDFs generated by the system


 2/12/2014 Version 8.5 released

- Major upgrade for our scheduling engine. Memory usage by R-Tag Scheduler was reduced significantly, which allows to run it safely on non server machines.

We also added recurrence pattern "Minute", which allows reports to be scheduled every minute ( or every X minutes)



- Added internal viewers for PDF and Excel files. These viewers can be used when you are running R-Tag on a server or a computer where Excel and Adobe reader are not installed. The Excel viewer supports Excel formulas, charts, tables etc.

- Improved multitasking. When generating files R-Tag Report Manager and Scheduler will take safe approach and assign the generated file name to the process who created it. This is important on terminal servers where multiple users may try to generate files with the same name. Single task applications might overwrite files generated by other users, while R-Tag will generate separate files. 

-Improved export to HTML. When exporting to HTML R-Tag will combine text and pictures in a single file. This will allow you to move or attach your file without zipping the folder structure, which is created for the pictures when the fles are exported normally.   



Bug fixes:

- Fixed bug, not allowing users with restricted Windows permissions to run reports

- Fixed bug in job workflow, Action result was not showing correct value


 1/26/2014 Version 8.0 released

- Added support for multiple commands to Dashboards datasource.

- Added support for multiple selections to Dashboard filter. Use Control key to select more than one value.

- Added full screen button to the main form, allows to hide the ribbon when you need more real estate.

- Added Import/Export for SQL Report and Advanced Dashboards  layouts. Allows you to export a layout to an external file and import it back to another report

- Added new document explaining how to create Dashboards


Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug in Crystal reports plugin when replacing data connection to XLSX files


 9/10/2013 Version 7.5 released

- New report type added: Advanced dashboard. This report supports multiple tabs and is able to combine regular grids, pivot tables, charts and dynamic dashboards. It can be exported to any of the popular file formats (Excel, PDF , Word, HTML etc. ). Export to excel will present the data as one file with multiple worksheets. The report could be added to a job and scheduled like any Crystal, SSRS or SQL Ad-hoc report. It could be combined with the other report types. This report is able also to save the data, so you can open it multiple times and use it even if the database is not available. In order to use the report you need a R-Tag Viewer Pro license.


- Crystal report could be extended with advanced dashboard report. Check this video to see how: Crystal report with advanced dashboard

- Added new report property - Viewer caption. It allows you to set the report tab text in the MDI interface.    

- Added new feature for Crystal reports - retrieve parameter's static values. Useful when you want to import existing static values to R-Tag.  


Bug fixes:

- Fixed incorrect worksheet name when a report is exported to excel and the file does not exist and should be created


  7/11/2013 Version 7.0 released

- Support for hourly schedules in the Scheduler


- Support for multiple connections in one report and in a report with sub-reports

- Extended support for range parameters - now ranges are supported by standard


Ranges support our relative default values. Here are the settings used to get dates above



- Extended support for parameters with multiple values

You can use the regular parameter input to add multiple values for one parameter


- Dashboards

    - Multiple dashboard tabs

    - Export to PDF, Excel, HTML, JPG etc..  

    - Roles permissions will allow you to control who can use each Dashboard.

    - Dynamic filtering and one click export to multiple page PDF and multiple tabs Excel files

    - Export and Import dashboards to R-Tag



 6/14/2013 Dashboards Beta released as a new report type for R-Tag Report Manager


- Multiple dashboard tabs

- Export to PDF, Excel, HTML, JPG etc..  

- Could be used to extend existing Crystal Reports.

- Roles permissions will allow you to control who can use each Dashboard.

- Dynamic filtering and one click export to multiple page PDF and multiple tabs Excel files


Bug fixes:

- Fixed bug when showing context menu for the report tree

- Fixed bug not allowing to add folders in report and job trees     









6/2/2013 Version 6.0 released

New features:

- Added permissions for jobs - very similar to report permissions, allows you to control who can run and change jobs

- Added permissions to edit reports' layouts. The button "Layouts" will be disabled for the users without permissions to create and change layouts. However the existing layouts will be still available for them.

- Added possibility to create public parameters' templates. The administrator can create a template and make it available for all users.

- Added system reports for R-Tag SQLServer database. You can download internal reports for reports statistics and report optimizations.

- Added user permissions for R-Tag local database

- Added possibility to use a parameter as an e-mail address

- Hide empty folders from reports' and jobs' trees

- Added permission for Admin mode

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug in jobs workflow conditions


Other changes:

- Updated all components to .NET Framework 4.0

- Created a tool to automatically update user permissions for the used Windows folders


4/8/2013 Version 5.4 released

New features:

- Export to excel with formulas is available for jobs. Crystal report could be exported to a grid and then to excel without user interaction. In such way you can create an excel file with filter, frozen panels, summaries and pivot tables from your regular crystal reports without changing them.



- Export to HTML file , which could be inserted into the e-mail body. HTML file supports excel layouts , so if you want to insert a table it will look much cleaner than when it is exported from Crystal Reports. Here is an example of an e-mail with an included HTML file:




- Improved method to change on the fly the database used by Crystal Reports. You can use ODBC and OLEDB connection , including Crystal Reports 7,8 and and 8.5. The procedure works in the same way as before for reports with versions 9 and above.


Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug related to record selection formula not applied for some reports when previewed on the screen.


3/11/2013 Version 5.3 released

 New features:

- Improved export to Excel with formulas. When the grid expression syntax is not directly convertible to an excel formula you can add an excel formula to the grid. No Excel installation is required.

- WYSIWUG pivot table export to Excel. No Excel installation is required.

- Added an option to not refresh Crytal Reports. R-Tag Report Viewer and scheduler will use the saved data. This option might be useful if you don't have connection to the report database or you are tesint the report output.

- Added separate e-mail for error reporting. Until now error reporting was using the e-mail account used to send e-mails. Now you have an option to send the e-mails from one account and to receive the error reports in another one.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug related to reports' fields retrieval. In some cases reports' fields were not available in file and e-mails screens to construct dynamic names.


2/11/2013 Version 5.2.4 released

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug, which was not allowing a trial period on some computers with a local database.


1/25/2013 Version 5.2.3 released

New features:

  - Improved method to retrieve Crystal Reports data source for presenting the data in a grid, pivot table or chart

  - Added functionality to open an output files prepared by a job. This allows a job to be used like a report. Run it and you will see the result on the screen. Before it was necessary to send the file by e-mail or to find it and open it manually.


Bug fixes:

  - Fixed a bug when applying a Partial Connection String (just user and password). Thanks to Jan Bos from TXO-Systems for reporting this bug.


12/17/2012 Version 5.2.2 released

New features:

  - Added the ability to use reports' fields inside the file names, folder names, e-mail addresses, subjects and messages. This functionality is useful if you are migrating from an "old school " report viewer / schedule, which is using reports formulas to calculate variables. We do not recommend to use this functionality for new reports because the external datasource and C# code have better performance.


12/13/2012 Version 5.2.1 released

New features:

  - Added a status bar field , which shows information about the next refresh when AutoRefresh for Crystal Report is turned on. 


Bug fixes:

   - Fixed a bug in the job workflow, which was not allowing to change the value of a complex condition


   - Fixed a bug related to shared parameters values, when multiple reports are started simultaneously. In case the report contains a date parameter, you run 2 or more instances of the same report with different dates simultaneously, and the focus stays inside the date control then all running reports will share the last selected date. Thanks to Doug Springs from NIAC Insurance for reporting this bug.



11/1/2012 Version 5.2 released

Official release for R-Tag Report Manager 32 and 64 bits for Windows 8

Our R-Tag Report Manager Beta for Windows 8 is officially closed. The program started on June 1st and after 5 months testing with group of 20 users in 7 companies we released the regular version.

New features with this release:

- Added dynamic formatting in SQL Ad-hoc reports. Both normal grid and pivot table support dynamic back and fore colors, font properties. Some examples of usage are: show negative numbers in red; show values in column A which are bigger than corresponding values in column B with blue background etc.

  - Added datasource retrieval for Crystal Reports. When the Crystal report is ready you can click the button "Analyze" and retrieve the source of the report as an Ad-hoc report. The new datasource will contain all the fields, formulas and SQL Expressions used inside the report. After that you can filter it , format it , apply pivoting and create charts. The datasource supports the same layout system as the ad-hoc reports and you can save multiple layouts per report.

This works is as follows.

  1. R-Tag viewer will run the crystal report.

  2. When the user clicks the button "Analyze" the program will retrieve the data used to render the report and will show it in a grid

  3. The user can format and save the layout of the new presentation. The layout will be saved with the crystal report and will be available the next time when the report is used.


This functionality is useful in case you have a lot of old Crystal Reports, which require on the fly filtering or pivoting. Generally, it is possible when you run the report the program to show directly the data in the grid (chart).However because the data is still retrieved by Crystal reports this will not improve the performance. The report will be still rendered behind the scene. If you want to see the data directly in a grid it will be better to recreate the report as an ad-hoc report - this will take just few minutes and will allow you to avoid Crystal rendering. Simple move from Crystal reports to a ad-hoc report might improve the performance dramatically.


10/12/2012 Version 5.1 released

New features:

- Added RTServiceManager tool to control R-Tag Windows Scheduler Service

- Updated scheduler user interface

- Improved method to change the connection to the database on the fly. The new method is the same as the one used in CRDataSource tool and will allow also changes for ODBC server and database.

- Added video Cascading parameters

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug when settings are saved with a local database


09/09/2012 Version 5 released

  Windows 8 compatible.

  New features: 

     - Added Impersonation to allow administrator to login as a another user and to check the permissions, reports and jobs availability for this user.

     - Added WUSIWUG editor with spellcheck and full mail merge support for the e-mails. The editor supports Word doc and docx files and is able export the files to PDF. End user is able to create new and to modify the existing mail merge fields.

     - Added filter by summary values in SQL Ad-hoc pivot tables

     - Added a new User password change dialog to the start menu.

     - New version of the RT Scheduler Windows Service released.

     - Added menu item "Report Instructions" to the Report rght click menu. This menu will show to the user the instructions saved with the report. The editor was updated to use the new WUSIWYG editor.

  Bug fixes:

     - Fixed the problem with C# functions dropdown. This is rare bug found on some computers : in some cases the dropdown was hanging



06/15/2012 Added demo video "Why to choose R-Tag Report Manager?"

  Link to the demo video


06/15/2012 CRDataSource can process subfolders

  The tool to set database location in Crystal reports can process a folder with subfolders.


06/14/2012 Released RC version for Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bits)

   With the release of Windows 8 RC (5/31/2012) it is possible to start preparation for the Windows 8 version of R-Tag Report Manager. Please contact us if you are interested to explore the Windows 8 version. 


06/8/2012 Support for templates for table summaries

   With a single click you can create table totals for all numeric columns. Regular interface will allow you add table summaries to non numeric columns too ( table sumaries may be connected to another column)


06/8/2012 Support for details in pivot tables

  Double click a cell to see the data used for he calculation.


06/1/2012 Support for pivot tables and group summaries for SQL Add-hoc reports.

   Using the new interface you can create multiple layouts and present the same data as normal table, grouped table or pivot table. A chart can be connected to the current pivot table selection 


04/01/2012 Support for a local database. 

 In case you are going to use the software on just one computer you can use local database. Installation is much simpler because SQL Server is not required.

12/12/2011 SQL Ad-hoc queries support layouts 
11/30/2011 Released Drag&Drop changes for reports and jobs trees.
   As part of Admin mode you can change the position of jobs , reports and folders in the tree.
11/25/2011 Released file viewer for Windows7 to preview PDF,Word, Excel and HTML files
11/20/2011 Released Beta version of windows service scheduler.
11/12/2011 Released export to SharePoint 2010 and Office365. 
   R-Tag report manager supports SharePoint and Office365. It is possible to create full folder structure when saving a file (for example /Shard Documents/Reports/2011-11-20/Exported.xls).
10/18/2011 It is possible now to change the server name when ODBC connection is used
   ODBC is widely used, but has some restrictions: password cannot be saved in the DSN file and crystal reports was not able to open a connection if the server name was changed. R-Tag Report Manager was able to preserve and set ODBC password since the first version. Now we made possible to change also the server name. This was already available in OLE DB so no changes there.
10/17/2011 Added execution mode to report viewer and jobs
  This mode can be helpful when you want to test a report or job which sends e-mails. Switching to Test mode will overwrite all e-mail addresses and will send the e-mail to the current user e-mail. In such way you will be able to see the result send to the recipient without manually replacing e-mail address.
10/16/2011 Added possibility to insert existing PDF or Excel files to job list
   Customer requested an option to attach PDF files and to join them with the result of report export. We extended it by adding also Excel to the list. The idea is that you may want to send brochure, coupon, letter  or any other fixed file with your invoices, statements etc. Your report will remain the same , but you can create very fast extension in Word or Acrobat and append it to the result of the report.
9/30/2011 Added possibility to open previous versions of a file in Document management
9/23/2011 Beta for export to SharePoint is available
   It is possible to export files to SharePoint in the same way as export to local network, Document management or e-mail. The application may create lists in order to group the documents and also replace documents or to create new document versions.
9/16/2011 Crystal Reports plugin supports record selection formulas
   Record selection formula can be overwritten by report manager. May be useful if you want to control report output. For example: show just records for which the current user has authorization. Since Crystal reports cannot detect the current user this may add some additional options when you develop your reports.
9/13/2011 Added support for cascading parameters
   Possible values for a parameter may depend on another parameter. For example: a report has 2 parameters "Category" and "Product". The list of the products will be different if you select Category "Drinks" and if you select Category "Clothes". This functionality works with all report types and versions.You may add some additional functionality to your reports like: show just Products related to the current user.
9/1/2011 Added support for report parameter templates
   It is possible to preserve combination of parameter values and to load them with lick of a button. Values could be constants, formulas and functions. Example of using templates is a report which is used for the last month , quarter and year. By creating different templates you will be able to set dates and all other parameters with one click.
9/1/2011 Beta 2 ended
   Customers with Free (registered) licenses may use their Beta discount until 10/1/2011
8/12/2011 Added support for text commands (not just stored procedures) in ad hoc queries
   Instead of creating stored procedure you can create a text command and prepare parameters in the same way as it is done for stored procedures. This will be useful if you don't have rights to create stored procedures.
8/3/2011 Added support for external files in Document Management
   You can drag and drop a file from windows explorer or Outlook and use predefined types to add it to specific folders.
7/14/2011 Added link to document management from journal. 
   You can see when the report or job was run, what were the parameters and what was the result file.

7/6/2011 Added notes associated with documents in Document Management
   You can add multiple HTML notes to documents in Document Management


7/6/2011 Updated single pass bursting

    Single pass bursting process was updated to support multiple reports

4/5/2011 Added support for RPTR files in Crystal Reports plugin
   RPTR files are produced by Crystal reports. The format does not allow editing. Can be used in case you want to lock the report. Nobody will be able to open it in design mode. Some third party reporting tools pretend to produce their own secured files. It takes less than 30 second and no efforts to open these "secured" files. It is also perfectly legal since whoever opens the file will not use any external tools or disassembler. So if you are using third party tool to secure your files, it will be in your interest to switch to RPTR.
1/17/2011 Document Management released
10/28/2010 Jobs workflow released
   Jobs workflow will allow you to add/remove reports on the fly based on values retrieved during the job execution. For example you can print invoices for all your customers and add special offer for customers from specific state, customers with balance bigger than $100 or customers having Birthday during the current month.
10/12/2010 Jobs supports multiple reports
   You can add multiple reports from different types to one job and schedule it or run it directly.
7/5/2010 Added export to multiple worksheets in one excel file