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Reporting made easy. Set it once and it is done!

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R-Tag Documentation and Search for Crystal Reports and BOE

Generate documentation for all your reports, find text, table or field used inside your reports, find all reports with a specific value for a property ( for example all reports with saved data or paper size Letter), find the differences between reports, which look the same but ... who knows if they are. This will take a minute with R-Tag Documentation and Search. VERY fast and simple to use, finding what is inside your crystal reports is not anymore a week long project. This tool is build on top of R-Tag Crystal Viewer, so you can search and document your reports, but also you can run them.


Full documentation is available from this link: R-Tag Documentation and Search for Crystal Reports

You can download fully functional, 14 days trial version from or Downloads page



There are 3 ways to search reports :

1. Search by text

this will be useful when you want to find the report used to generate a PDF or printed copy or to find all reports, which are using a specific table or stored procedure

2. Search by object name

this is useful when you want to find objects that you named according to a naming convention. For example if you need to replace a logo you can search for pictures named "*logo*", you can find also all reports , which are using a specific color, font etc.

3. Search 
by property value

this will be useful when you want to check the values of any property for all the reports. For example you can get the list of the used printers, paper sizes, keywords, versions of Crystal reports used to develop the reports etc  Here is an example of the search result for report with saved data







Compare 2 reports in 2 clicks. Here is how the result will look like




















Default layout contains reports SQL, parameters, tables, tables fields, formulas , SQL Expressions, connection information. However you can add or remove information based on your requirements. Documentation can be generated for a folder of reports. For example if you select your top folder you will generate documentation about all your reports.