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Reporting made easy. Set it once and it is done!

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R-Tag Documentation and Version Control for Crystal Reports and Business Objects



Crystal reports files are binary files and cannot be compared directly. If you change a report you need to write down a note somewhere otherwise you will never know WHOmade the change , WHATwas changed and WHENwas changed. Imagine a case when a report was changed and a new bug was introduced. You know the date when the report was changed you just don't know what exactly was changed. If you have a change log, where each change was documented, you can easily find and fix the bug. So the question is: Do you have a change log for each of your reports and are you sure it is accurate?


R-Tag Documentation and Version Control will scan the report and will be able to answer in minutes any WHO-WHAT-WHEN question. You can find the differences between the report's versions at any moment of time. Here are some of the main features:

  - Analyze the reports and create documentation, including sub-reports

  - Compare different versions of the same report

  - Compare different reports

  - Search for text, table, stored procedures, objects, properties in your reports

  - Find the differences for any property value including report's SQL, Formulas, SQL Expressions etc. between the versions  (check the screenshots bellow)

  - Lock and unlock reports to allow to be edited by one developer at a time

  - Import a whole folder of reports including sub-folders

  - Quickly restore to any of the previous versions


Here are few videos to show different features of the module:


 1. How to import a folder of reports


 2. How to use report documentation


 3. How to use version control


 4. How to search for tables and text


 5. Full video



Content differences

You can compare different reports or versions of the same report using the interface bellow. Changed values will be presented in green, new in blue and removed in red. You can print and export the comparison.



Value compare details

This panel will provide low level comparison. For example high level comparison will mark the text of formula "Contact name" in green (changed). By selecting the record you can see what exactly was changed. In the given example was added the text "First and Last".

Search options

Version control include a license for R-Tag Crystal Search. Details about the supported features are available in this document : R-Tag Documentation and Search for Crystal Reports


Resolve bug issues

You know how the bad days start: with an e-mail that one of the reports is showing strange data. You check the report and there is a bug in a formula. Now what ? How do you handle report's bugs and how do minimize the impact ? Here is what you can do:

 1. Open R-Tag version control and find the exact date and time when the bug was introduced

 2. Restore the report version to the one before the bug so the users can continue using the report while you are fixing it

 3. Use R-Tag Report Viewer journal and find when the version with the bug was used and what were the parameters. After the report was fixed rerun it and deliver a correct copy to everybody who received the wrong one



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