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Report Tag

Reporting made easy. Set it once and it is done!

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Among our clients are:   New York Life, Carnival Cruise Lines, FedEx, Sandia National Laboratories

Boyd Group International, NIAC,Bil Jac, University of UtahConsolidated Banking Services, iyeTek, BIRD, Metro Toronto Convention Centre ...



R-Tag Report Manager

Report Viewer & Scheduler



















Check this demo video to find why R-Tag Report Manager is the best report viewer and scheduler on the market today


Fast and easy-to-use, self-service visual analytics product specifically designed for business users.


Organize, view and schedule reports. Supports:

- Crystal Reports 8.5 - 2013

- MS Reporting Services SSRS 2005 -2012

- Ad-hoc queries - SQLServer, Oracle, MS Access ... any database that support OLE DB or ODBC connection
- Dynamic Dashboards


Direct export to Local network file, R-Tag Document Manager, SharePoint 2010 and Office 365.

- Run virtually any report type by using plug-ins. The reports can be viewed in a viewer or exported to excel , word, PDF etc., send by e-mail.

- Refresh Crystal reports

- Organize reports in batches (jobs) and schedule execution and delivery, set parameters for all reports in the batch at once
- Reports and jobs Permissions managed by roles
- Scheduled jobs
- Single and multi-pass report bursting. Data driven reports for Crystal Reports and SSRS
- Direct export to internal document management

- Export to multiple excel worksheets in one file. Export multiple reports to one excel, word or PDF file.

- Export to Excel with formulas, totals, filters and pivot tables ( no need to have Excel installed)

- Export a report to multiple destinations and files types with one run 
- Export to SharePoint 2010 and Office365
- Journal - contains information about report and job runs, parameters and output files
- Cascading parameters for all report types (including pre-Crystal XI reports)
- Pivot tables and unlimited layouts for Crystal Reports and SQLServer ad-hoc queries 

- Use multiple values parameters with stored procedures

- Retrieve Crystal Reports datasource and analyze it in a pivot table, chart or regular grid

- Advanced formula engine to specify dynamic file names, folders, e-mail addresses, e-mail subject and body.

- WYSWUG e-mail editor with mail merge.

- Report fields and formulas available when preparing dynamic file names, folders, e-mail addresses, e-mail subject and body

- Insert report output as HTML in the e-mail body (multiple HTML sections could be added to one e-mail )  

-32 and 64 bit versions. Your report will run significantly faster on 64 bits machine with a 64 bits application.

-Self service reports.


- Crystal reports viewer

- Crystal Reports Scheduler

- SSRS report viewer

- SSRS report scheduler with data driven subscriptions

- Dynamic Dashboards viewer and editor

- Crystal reports version control

- Crystal reports documentation 

We DO NOT use Excel automation for our export to Excel features. According to Microsoft:

Microsoft does not currently recommend, and does not support, Automation of Microsoft Office applications from any unattended, non-interactive client application or component (including ASP, ASP.NET, DCOM, and NT Services), because Office may exhibit unstable behavior and/or deadlock when Office is run in this environment.


Check this article for the full text

 CR Data Source

This tool is a huge time saver when you want to change the connection to your Crystal reports. It is useful when:
- database was moved to a new server
- database name was changed
- database type was changed
- connection info was corrupted and takes too much time to open the report
- you want to switch from ODBC to OLE DB connection and vice-versa


The tool can change the datasources for all Crystal reports in a folder