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Reporting made easy. Set it once and it is done!

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Why to choose R-Tag 

This video shows some unique features of R-Tag Report Manager:  working with Crystal reports, SSRS and SQL reports; pivot tables ; cascading and hidden parameters ; parameters templates; jobs; scheduler;  permissions ... Check it if you want to see the software from the end user point of view.


How to use R-Tag with SAP BOE

This video shows how to use SAP BOE reports in R-Tag. R-Tag will allow you to use default values for parameters, dynamic file names, export to multiple Excel tabs, advanced Excel tables and pivoting, Dynamic Dashboards and Version Control. 




Crystal Reports Version Control and Documentation

How to add reports to Version control, track the changes, generate documentation and search for tables, formulas etc. 


Crystal Reports Documentation and Search

How to add reports to search reports to find ,which report is using a specific table, printer, contains a picture object etc. 



Shows how to extend an existing Crystal report with dynamic dashboards, pivot tables and charts



Add a report 

Shows how to add a report and set connections, default values, delivery etc.   



Shows how to add quickly multiple reports from a folder using "Add reports from folder" wizard  




Create a job 



Burst Crystal report

How to create a bursting job to generate multiple files and e-mails from single Crystal report  



Schedule a Job 

Add a task to the scheduler interface (similar to Outlook calendar)



Parameter Templates

Add multiple parameters' templates to a report. This will allow a quick switch between sets of default values. For example setting a period to the previous week, month or year.



Add new report to Report Manager and send the output to Document Management

Shows how to add a new report in Report Manager, set parameters and send the result to Document Management 



Create new job to send e-mails with attachments to a list of addressee

Shows how to create a job which will run one or more reports per each row in a dynamic table and will send an e-mail with the attached result to e-mail address from the table





Cascading parameters

Create cascading parameters with any report ( even before crystal reports 10).   



Advanced export to Excel from Crystal Reports and SQL Ad-hoc reports

Shows how to export a crystal reports to an excel worksheet with formulas and filters. The task could be automated and the generated excel file couls be send by e-mail