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Reporting made easy. Set it once and it is done!

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Simplicity & Power

Administrator is able to control what the user will see by controlling the permissions. The interface could be simplified to the level where the user will need to click a button in order to run a report. All other settings including the export type, default parameters' values, generation of files and emails could be predefined by the administrator. The screenshot bellow shows the interface for users with permission just to run reports. The interface for users with more permissions will look different. For example they might be able to modify report settings , to create and run jobs,  to schedule tasks etc.
Button "Run" - run the selected report
Combo box "Output format" - select the desired export format : On Screen , Excel, Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, Data only, CSV, Tabs delimited, Report, RPTR etc.
Button "Refresh" - refresh reports' tree
Filter - insert text to filter reports' tree and quickly find a report
Interface is the same for all report types. It allows also full screen mode - the same as Office 2013 (see dashboard screenshots at the bottom of the page)
Crystal reports
Notice that the tree is filtered by the word "dashboard" and shows just report containing this word ( inserted in the filter box). This makes finding a report much easier.
The second screenshot shows full screen mode ( hidden ribbon toolbar and reports tree )