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Reporting made easy. Set it once and it is done!

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R-Tag Report Manager - Crystal reports viewer and scheduler, SSRS data driven reports and Dynamic dashboards 
Check this 17 min demo video

Application to organize, view and schedule reports. Works in Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2003-2012). Currently the application supports Crystal Reports,  MS Reporting Services SSRS, Dynamic Dashboards and Ad hoc queries for literally any database (including SQLServer, Oracle, MSAccess). Direct export to R-Tag Document Manager.

  • Run virtually any report type by using plug-ins. The reports can be viewed in a viewer or exported to excel , word, pdf etc., send by email.
  • Refresh Crystal reports
  • Organize reports in batches (jobs) and schedule execution and delivery, set parameters for all reports in the batch at once
  • Reports and jobs Permissions managed by roles
  • Run multiple reports simultaneously. No need to wait for each report to finish in order to run the next one.
  • Scheduled jobs. Per minute schedule. Visual scheduler interface.
  • Single pass report bursting for Crystal reports. Data driven reports for Crystal Reports and SSRS
  • Windows service to run scheduled jobs without logged user
  • Direct export to internal document management.
  • Export to multiple excel worksheets in one file. Export multiple reports to one Excel, Word or PDF file.
  • Export to Excel with formulas, totals, filters and pivot tables (no need to have Excel installed)
  • Export a report to multiple destinations and files types with one run
  • Export to SharePoint 2010 and Office365
  • Journal - contains information about report usage, parameters and output files. Very useful when you want to optimize your reports.
  • Cascading parameters for all report types (including pre Crystal XI reports)
  • Dynamic dashboards, Pivot tables and unlimited layouts for Crystal Reports and SQL Server ad-hoc queries
  • Use multiple values parameters with stored procedures
  • Retrieve Crystal Reports data-source and analyze it in a Dynamic Dashboard, pivot table, chart or regular grid
  • Advanced formula engine to specify dynamic file names, folders, e-mail addresses, e-mail subject and body.
  • WYSWUG e-mail editor with mail merge.
  • Report fields and formulas available when preparing dynamic file names, folders, e-mail addresses, e-mail subject and body
  • Insert report output as HTML or Image in the e-mail body (multiple HTML and Image sections could be added to one email )
  • 32 and 64 bit versions. Your report will run significantly faster on 64 bits machine with a 64 bits application.
  • Data driven reports for all report types. Now you can run SSRS data driven reports even without SQLServer Enterprise


Some usage scenarios:

  • Organize reports and batches in windows explorer like interface and allow different users to work with different reports
  • Schedule slow reports to be started during the night and use the result from Document management, E-mail or Local Network
  • Upgrade reports from one version to another or from one provider to another without interrupting users. For example if you want to upgrade your reports from Crystal Reports to Reporting Services. Transfer the calls to Report Manager and then start to upgrade the reports whenever it is convenient for you. Your application will always run the report in the same way, no matter if the report is crystal or reporting services report. Hence you don't need to recompile when a report is upgraded.
  • Dynamic datasource for reports (data push).
  • Direct export to excel. It is not necessary anymore to create a Crystal Report each time you want to send some data to Excel. You can do this much faster using an ad-hoc query.  You will have also instruments to create pivot tables, grouped data, freeze panes, and visualize data in charts directly from your viewer application.
  • Report bursting. Some samples are: 
    1. At the end of the month retrieve the list of the customers with open balances, generate invoices, save each invoice in Document Management as a separate document associated with the customer and send it by e-mail to the customer e-mail address.


    2. Every night retrieve the list of out of stock items and send orders to the vendors.


    3. Any other scenario which requires to retrieve some information from a database and process the information on row by row basis generating one or more reports and sending the output to email recipient, SharePoint Server, Document Management or to a network folder. The manager supports multiple destinations so for example you can send the same report to multiple e-mails with different e-mail body and subject for each recipient.

  • Report optimizations - because of the report journal you will be able to check the full history of report usage including the time of each start, duration, user and workstation that ran the report, parameter values etc. The information is collected behind the scenes and doesn't require any user interaction. By using this information you can find easily top N slowest, fastest, most used and heaviest reports. The weight of the report is calculated as a sum of durations per period. A report which takes about 1 minute to run and is used 10000 per year will be considered as heavier than a report which takes 5 minutes to run but is used 100 times per year. The total usage time per year will be 10000 minutes to 500 minutes and 10% optimization will save 1000 min. for the first report compared to 50 min. for the second one.  
Please check the Videos page for demo videos.







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Among our clients are:

New York Life, Sandia National Laboratories, Nestle, Boyd Group International, NIAC,

Bil Jac, University of UtahConsolidated Banking Services, iyeTek, BIRD ...


First start

Formulas and Dynamic variables
Parameter List of Values
External Data Source  (data push method)





Pivot tables and charts



WYSIWYG emails and instructions editor



Report documentation, Version control and Search metadata for Crystal reports