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Reporting made easy. Set it once and it is done!

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Enabling Version control, Crystal Search and other advanced features
R-Tag Report Manager is using an internal database to preserve information about reports, jobs, schedules etc. There are 2 options for the internal database. You can choose one or the other:

Local database, installed by default. This database is useful to test the product or to use the basic features like run and schedule reports.
SQL Server database.  This database will allow multiple users to work with the same set of reports on multiple computers and will enable some advanced features like Version Control, Document Management and Crystal Documentation and Search. When you start R-Tag for the first time it will use local database. To install the SQL Server database go to Settings and click the button "Install New SQL Server database.
The installation procedure will walk you through the steps and you will be able to install the database on an existing SQL Server or the procedure will install a new instance of SQL Server 2008R2 Express or 2012 Express and will create the database there.
We recommend to let the wizard to install a new instance of SQL Server Express, this will be the easiest way to test the software with the advanced features.
A PDF explaining the process of installing and configuring SQL Server database for R-Tag is available from this link: Installing SQL Server database for R-Tag


Please check these documents before to start installing the product:
First Start.pdf